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Just as an oral appliance is designed to give you the necessary care your mouth requires for optimum oral help success, so too do you need to take care of your mouth guard. Numerous forms of mouth cards can be used to give you the best chance for limiting and preventing oral accents and injuries. However, you will need to make sure you are routinely keeping your mouth guard in optimum condition so it can function as needed.

It is important to visit your dentist for a mouth guard to help keep your smile safe as you age. Children and teens’ mouths are constantly changing, so if they are active in sports, they will likely benefit from a new mouth guard often. Always inspect your mouth guard for signs of damage or wear and replace as needed. Remember never to leave your mouth guard in the sun or in hot water. To clean your mouth guard, always rinse it in cool, soapy water, and avoid leaving it in a place where moisture and contamination can occur. If you need help with your mouth guards, it is best for you to consider your options, which include custom-made mouth guards designed by our dentist for your dental profile and boil and bite mouth guards, which can be adjusted to your dental impression when purchased. 

If you require a customized sports mouth guard in Ferndale, Washington, Patricia Conn, DDS would love to assist you. For a thorough examination of your oral health, you can set an appointment with Dr. Patricia Conn by calling our dentist office at 360-384-5902.