Gum disease does not need to interfere with your oral health when you can either prevent it or treat it with Perio Protect in Ferndale, Washington. The treatment involves a comprehensive approach to gum disease by combining dental cleanings with the Perio Tray® delivery system of medications. Our patients can use this system at home or between dental visits. Perio Protect is akin to a mouth guard that has a special sealing system that delivers medication below the gums, where you need it. All you need to do is wear the guard for a few minutes a day. The medication also fights infections.

Because you can use Perio Protect at home, it makes for a much more convenient treatment, since bacteria that cause the inflammation and disease are hidden deep below the gumline and are difficult to manage at home with a normal brushing and flossing routine. The Perio Protect can get deep down and deliver necessary medication to help with swollen, red, and infected gum tissue.

The way the system works is that the dentist or hygienist will take measurements of your mouth and send them to the lab, along with a mold of your mouth. Once the tray is ready, patients will take it home and wear it for several minutes daily. The tray seals close to the gum so no medication is able to seep out.

To consult with the dentist about the Perio Protect, we invite you to contact us at the office of Patricia Conn, DDS at 360-384-5902.

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