At the office of Patricia Conn, DDS, we are committed to healing the effects caused by periodontal disease with our services, including gingivectomy. Our goal is to reverse periodontal health issues; with Dr. Patricia Conn’s training, we can with gingivectomy in Ferndale, Washington. Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that corrects gum conditions around the structures of a patient’s teeth. To make our patients comfortable, we offer sedation dentistry for this procedure.

During the surgery, our dentist removes a portion of gum and reshapes the gingiva around the teeth. If this surrounding gum tissue is diseased and results in pockets between teeth, this is a necessary step. Once the affected area has been removed and the gingiva is reshaped, the areas are then trimmed and reattached around the dentition, generally with sutures. During this stage, it is also crucial to sterilize and rinse the gums.

To maintain the progress with a gingivectomy, it is important to follow up with our office and be responsible for your post-surgical care, as well as continuing your routine oral healthcare. To consult with the dentist and determine if you need this particular procedure, we invite you to contact us by calling 360-384-5902. We can help answer any questions or concerns. We look forward to improving your smile and your health with gingivectomy.

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