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Are you aware of the effects that dental anxiety can have on your teeth and gums? Although dental anxiety doesn’t do any damage on its own, the fear of visiting our dentist or dental office can leave you vulnerable to several health risks. Not only can you be at an increased risk of oral accidents and injuries going untreated, but you can already have damage that needs to be taken care of immediately. Rather than holding off on visiting our office due to concerns, speak with our dentist about your worries so that appropriate treatments and therapies can be used.

If you are suffering from dental anxiety, it often means that procedures that you may have are giving you cause for concern. By understanding any therapies you may need and having a step-by-step guide to treatments that you will have, these worries can often be eliminated. Furthermore, our dentist can provide you with several forms of sedation to help calm and relax you during any oral health care procedures. It can also be beneficial to try stress-relieving therapies, including the use of holding stress-relieving objects such as a squeeze ball or fidget spinner. In addition, listening to calming and relaxing music, practicing meditation before your procedure, or visualizing yourself at a place that brings you happiness can all help alleviate concerns associated with dental anxiety.

Dr. Patricia Conn and all our fantastic team are in Ferndale, Washington. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Patricia Conn, DDS for dental anxiety treatments, please call our dental office at 360-384-5902.