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Several forms of sedation can be used to help calm and relax you before any oral health care treatments can be given. However, it is important to be aware of the benefits of each type of sedative. When you are in need of a complex oral health care surgery or procedure, you will need a deep level of sedation to put you into a state of unconsciousness. A specialized field of dentistry known as sedation dentistry can provide you with multiple layers and levels of sedation.

Another type of sedation is known as inhaled minimal sedation, where individuals breathe nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This product is known to help individuals stay calm and relaxed throughout oral health care treatments. However, if they do require a deeper level of sedation, several options are available.

Through the use of oral sedation, also known as pill sedation, an individual swallows a pill that will kick in after an hour or so. The dosage levels can be adjusted from a mild relaxant up to a deep sleep. For a fast-acting sedative, intravenous sedatives can be directly injected into your bloodstream. However, if you are looking for the deepest levels of sedation, general anesthesia is what you will need.

We are pleased to offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation for our patients in Ferndale, Washington, seeking help with their dental anxiety. If you would like Dr. Patricia Conn and our team at Patricia Conn, DDS to provide you with an oral exam or professional cleaning, please call our dentist office at 360-384-5902.