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Are you in need of a highly effective cosmetic dental restoration to drastically improve the look of your smile? Even if you have not suffered dental damage and simply want to improve the visual appearance of a smile, it may be a possible with dental bonding treatments.

Dental bonds are extremely popular because they do not cover up or conceal teeth and allow the natural beauty of your teeth to shine through. Dental bonds can correct and repair surface damage that may have occurred and can blend well with your natural smile to give you an aesthetic restoration that can not only improve the look of your smile but drastically improve its function as well.

If you ever suffer an oral accident or injury before, you’re probably well aware of the damage that it can incur on your other teeth and on your gums if it is not fixed in time. To repair any chips or cracks that may have occurred or to help repair tooth decay, it may be possible through a composite resin or porcelain bond.

Dental bonds are even used to help resize and reshape teeth as needed and can help close gaps between teeth as well. In cases where you have suffered extensive gum recession, and a portion of a tooth’s root has been exposed, a dental bonding treatment can cover it up and protect the tooth once more.

Are there any remaining questions you have about dental bonding? To improve your smile with dental bonding, you are welcome to schedule a visit with our dentist in Ferndale, Washington. If you would like Dr. Patricia Conn and our team at Patricia Conn, DDS to restore your beautiful smile with a dental bonding treatment, please call our dental office at 360-384-5902. Get the smile you’ve always dreamed of with dental bonding.