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An ignored cavity or a severe dental trauma can sometimes result in the loss of a tooth or a tooth so badly compromised that it requires total extraction. The treatment plan involves removing whatever remains of the original root and suturing the gums. If a dental abscess is present, the infected fluid will likely need to be drained from the underlying periodontal tissues.

Once the gum tissues have healed, Dr. Patricia Conn can help you understand your treatment options. Many tooth loss patients choose a dental implant restoration.

The dental process involves a minimally invasive procedure where Dr. Patricia Conn and her staff insert a titanium dental implant into the bone structure beneath the gums. In time, the titanium material will naturally bond with the bone tissues. The process of osseointegration will essentially replicate the root strength of the original tooth.

When it’s ready, Dr. Patricia Conn will attach an abutment to the dental implant to provide the necessary structural integrity for a dental crown.

If the tooth will be highly visible when you smile, she might recommend using a porcelain dental crown. This type of dental material mimics naturally white tooth enamel.

If you live in the Ferndale, Washington, area and you have a severely distressed or decayed tooth, you should call 360-384-5902 to set up an appointment at Patricia Conn, DDS.